Career Builders

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 A great package for people who are building their career, changing employers, re-entering the workforce or pursuing a promotional opportunity.  If you have five or more years of work experience I will write a winning resume that details how your experience and work history has prepared you for this new venture in the workforce.  Get a new resume and get on with your building your career.


Career TradesCareer Builder – $ 125 – Resume only
A resume that is created just for you and highlights your skills, experience and abilities to consolidate your career and progress.

Career Builder – $ 55 – Cover letter only
If you already have a strong and current resume this is a letter that targets a particular job and shows why you are a great candidate who can demonstrate your previous success.

Career Builder – $ 69 – LinkedIn profile only
Consolidate your professional networks and connections and build connections to enhance your profile and career options.

Career Builder – Selection Criteria – $25 each
If you’re applying for a Government job, chances are you’ll be asked to “address the essential selection criteria” separately (sometimes it is within a cover letter).  I can construct your individual examples in the format that is accepted and preferred by recruiters.

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